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Backup & Restore on CodeDesign Builder
Backup & Restore on CodeDesign Builder
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Backup and Restore feature is a crucial tool for any stage of your project development. Whether you're updating, publishing, or experimenting with A/B testing, having the ability to easily revert to a previous version can be a game-changer.

CodeDesign offers two ways to backup your projects right on the builder:

Automatic Backups: Automatically saves your progress every 25 edits, so you don't have to worry about losing your work. You can access the automatic backups from the 'Backup & Restore' panel on the builder's sidebar.

Manual Backups: You can create manual backups by clicking on the "Create Backup" button. This saves everything: pages, components, and images.

Accessing the 'Backup & Restore' Panel

You can access the 'Backup and Restore' panel from the builder bottom menu bar. Click on the 'Backup & Restore' option here and the panel will pop up on the right sidebar.

Backups for individual projects can only be accessed and created once your open the project on the builder. CodeDesign does not collectively backup all projects in your account in one place. Now let's see how to manually create backup.

How to Create Manual Backups

Once you access the 'Backup & Restore' panel on the right sidebar, you'll see the 'Create Backup' button on the top and all the previous automatic and manual backups listed with timestamp and other relevant info.

To create a new backup for the project, simply click on the "Create Backup' button. In a few seconds the everything including your pages, components and images will be backup up.

Previewing and Using Backups

The options for preview, restore, rename and delete option will be visible on selecting or hovering over the individual backups. Each backup has a preview option that's denoted by an 'Eye' icon, followed by a restore option and additional options denoted by a '...' icon.

While you can't edit these backups directly, you can copy elements from them and paste them into your current project.

Previewing Backups

Use the preview or 'eye' button to preview your backup in a new tab.

Restoring Backups

Use the "Restore" button to revert your project to a selected backup. Your backups will still be there after restoring, so you can switch between versions freely.

Additional Options

For each backup, clicking the three dots provides extra options:

Rename: Help yourself by naming backups for easier identification.

Delete: Keep your workspace tidy by removing backups you no longer need.

Check out our short video for a detailed walkthrough of these backup and restore options. It's straightforward and aimed at helping you utilize these features effectively.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is always ready to join you via support chats, forums and our social handles.

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