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How to Integrate WordPress with CodeDesign?
How to Integrate WordPress with CodeDesign?
Updated over a week ago

In response to the requests from the CodeDesign Community, we've rolled out new CodeDesign Plugin for Wordpress. Once setup, you can now seamlessly publish and update your CodeDesign Project directly to your Wordpress site.

Here are a few perks of publishing to Wordpress from CodeDesign:

  • Publish your AI generated websites directly to WordPress, zero-coding required.

  • Update the design changes on CodeDesign builder and publish effortlessly to WordPress.

  • Best of Both Worlds - Access the plugins and other tools available on WordPress while enjoying the AI perks offered by CodeDesign

Now let's dive into the step by step process on seamlessly integrating CodeDesign pages to WordPress.

Setting up the CodeDesign-WordPress Integration

Inorder to integrate, You can create a stunning website to Publish on WordPress in three ways:

  • AI Generate your text prompt

  • Build from Scratch

  • Premium Templates

Once you've the website/page ready on the builder, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Publish" button on the top-right bar above the

  2. Then, select "Add to WordPress".

  3. This will take you to the Integration tab in the Project Settings workspace. Click on the 'Connect' button here.

  4. This will initiate the integration process and now you can copy the provided API Key.

  5. Now, go to your WordPress Admin Panel. By default settings, it's accessible via http://<website-link>/wp-admin .

  6. (Click on this link to download the zip file)

    In the plugin section, click on "Upload" and select the zip file.

  7. Once the file is uploaded, click on "Installed Plugins" and then click on "Activate".

  8. Congratulations, you will now see the CodeDesign plugin in the sidebar!

    Simply paste the copied API Key and click on "Activate API".

  9. Once the process in complete, you'll see this page with all the key information on the sync.

Video Tutorial - Wordpress Integration for CodeDesign

We've made a short video that walks you through the steps to Integrate WordPress. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can do so by simply clicking on the messaging option at the bottom right of the screen. We are here to help!

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