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Connecting your Project to a Custom Domain
Connecting your Project to a Custom Domain
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After previewing and publishing your CodeDesign project, you can connect your it to a custom domain that you own! How do we do that? It’s simple. That’s what we will cover in this article.

GIF that showcases the steps to deploy a project to the domain

Publishing Your Project To CodeDesign Subdomain

Once you are ready, you can find the Publish button, on the top right corner of your screen, right next to the preview button.

Image that highlights the Publish button

On the next tab that appears, click on Deploy Current Version, and there it is! Done! Your project is now deployed to a CodeDesign subdomain. (You can see that the project is deployed to in the screenshot) You can preview it by clicking on the link.

Image that previews a project deployed to a CodeDesign subdomain

Connecting a Domain To Your Project

And if you want to connect your page with a domain you own, here is what you want to do!

  1. Click on the Publish button, on the top right side of your screen

  2. Then, Choose Add Domain on the tab that appears

  3. Input the domain name of your choice in the blank space

  4. Click on Connect Domain

    Image that showcases the connect domain buton

  5. You will see the DNS record data that you will need to add to your domain’s DNS. You will need to update this from within the administrative console offered by your DNS Provider. (Popular DNS providers include GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.)

CodeDesign providing the required DNS records

Adding DNS Records to GoDaddy

Different domain providers have different way to configure the domain DNS. In this article, we will cover the most common steps. But for more information, we’d recommend visiting the help documentation of your domain’s provider.

  1. Login to your domain provider's administrative console.

  2. Go to DNS Settings section.

  3. Navigate to DNS configurations / Manage DNS section.

  4. Press the Add a new Record button.

  5. First add an “A Record”. Copy the record name and value from the tab that appeared in the Add Domain section.

  6. Press the save button.

  7. Next, add a “TXT Record”. Copy the record name and value and save it too.

Now, you can head back to CodeDesign and press the Validate Domain Button. It may take up about 1 hour for the changes to propagate.

Once the domain is successfully validated, you should see the table below.

Table shown once after the domain is successfully validated

Now, head back to your project and go to the deploy tab. You should see the domain name that you added. Press the “Deploy Current Version” button to publish your project to your domain.

Congrats, you’ve successfully deployed your project!

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